Sustainability Report


Selecta’s sustainability report provides an overview of the activities that are taken in the area of environment, responsible product, community and workplace. As Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters we are part of Selecta and we are committed to this sustainable approach. This is based on four strategic pillars:

  • Respecting our environment
  • Our responsible products
  • Supporting our community
  • Enjoyable workplace

For more information please have a look at the new sustainability report:

Ecovadis certificaat 2021

Circular Economy

Sustainability at Pelican Rouge is all about minimizing our impact on our environment and turning this policy into concrete, engaging activities. That is why with the help of Better Future Factory and Cirkellab, we have been able to transform our waste into a new product. The plastic waste from the packages is vacuum formed into a coffee knock case to be used by people with an espresso machine for holding grinded coffee residue.

By reusing valuable raw material, we help reduce our CO2 footprint and minimize our waste disposal costs, putting approximately 60 tons of residual plastic to good use. The scale of our operations, combined with our sustainable initiatives, enable us to make a difference and leave a positive footprint.


We recognize our responsibility to the environment and local communities. That’s why we are proud to say our coffee is approved by leading certification labels and grown by independent farmers, making almost 50% of our coffee already certified. We are striving for more. Locally, we continuously endeavour to find more environmentally friendly packaging; ours has been aluminium-free since 2003 and
is CO2 neutral.

sustainability report 2020

For the 4th year in a row a gold rating by Ecovadis!

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters has been awarded a gold rating by Ecovadis for the 4th year in a row! Ecovadis assessed the sustainability performance of Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters in four key areas, namely “Environment”, “Labour and Human Rights”, “Ethics” and “Sustainable Procurement”. With this result Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters belongs to the top 5 of 60,000 active companies working with this programme.

Ecovadis is a sustainability platform that promotes transparency and sustainability in the global supply chain.
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CO2 Target

Selecta and Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters will together significantly reduce their CO2 footprint. By taking an integrated approach to CO2 reduction, we are contributing to the global climate goals and can make a huge impact. Together we have set the ambition to halve our footprint in 2030 compared to 2019. 2020 was a special year for Selecta and Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters, we were affected by COVID. However, we managed to reduce our carbon footprint.

In 2019 our footprint was 7,316 tons of CO2, we have reduced this to a footprint of 5,899 tons of CO2 in 2020. This is a reduction of 19.4%. We would like to mention that the footprint of 2020 contains additional CO2 emission data. In 2020, we also measured the emissions from our employees’ commuting activities. This is 8% of total emissions.

In graph below our CO2 footprint is visually represented in the different emission sources.

Our CO2 footprint mainly consists of emissions from our business fleet and the roasting and production of coffee. In order to realise our ambition and goals, we are taking the following measures for the largest emission sources:

Scope 1

  • Electric transport is becoming the norm.
  • We save fuel for our operators and mechanics by using a smart route planning software based on telemetry. This prevents unnecessary km being driven.
  • We actively inform our employees about fuel consumption, tips for saving fuel and ‘The New Driving Style’.

Scope 2

  • Solar panels on the roof of our roastery.
  • Lamps are replaced by LED lamps when their service life has expired. In case of internal renovations, we also opt for an accelerated implementation of LED lamps.
  • We prefer to use locally generated green energy.

Table: CO2 emissions Selecta Netherlands and Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters.


Despite the turbulent past two years, we have continued to participate in initiatives and participations in order to contribute to sustainability together with various stakeholders. In the past two years, this has resulted in the following for us;

The ‘groene pluim’ is a national recognition for companies that are actively involved in the field of sustainability. With the green plume, entrepreneurs show positive exemplary behaviour. This encourages other entrepreneurs to do the same. In this way, the business community shows that we do not only think about making money. We also think about sustainability, climate transition and an honest, social world. We do this from inner conviction.

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters has also joined the Sustainable Business Route platform; starting in 2022, an annual Sustainable Business Route will take place, giving businesses the opportunity to look behind the scenes and gain ideas for making their own businesses more sustainable. This is a collaboration of the Platform for Sustainable Businesses with the Ministry of the Interior, the Province of South Holland, Omgevingsdienst Zuid-Holland Zuid, the municipalities of the Drechtsteden region and the municipality of Molenlanden.