Sustainability Report


Selecta’s sustainability report provides an overview of the activities that are taken in the area of environment, responsible product, community and workplace. As Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters we are part of Selecta and we are committed to this sustainable approach. This is based on four strategic pillars:

  • Respecting our environment
  • Our responsible products
  • Supporting our community
  • Enjoyable workplace

For more information please have a look at the new sustainability report:

Ecovadis certificate 2020

Water Project

Because actions are the ones that matters the most, since 2015 we have been working with Live Build in the coffee villages of Sanyar and Bassee in Cameroon to provide a better water network and sustainable management.

This project has helped with:
1) Sustainable agronomy practices and quality processing.
2) Organizational development, good governance and leadership.
3) Improving work and living conditions of the coffee farmers.

duurzaamheid 4 pillars

Gold Recognition Level On EcoVadis

EcoVadis uses ISO 26000 and UN Global Compact in its methodology and assessment of suppliers, quantifying elements of sustainable developments to create evaluations. Is a standard that provides guidance and recommendations on how to improve in corporate social responsibility. As it is a standard, it takes CSR towards constant progress and innovation.

For more information go to:

Water project

Circular Economy

Sustainability at Pelican Rouge is all about minimizing our impact on our environment and turning this policy into concrete, engaging activities. That is why with the help of Better Future Factory and Cirkellab, we have been able to transform our waste into a new product. The plastic waste from the packages is vacuum formed into a coffee knock case to be used by people with an espresso machine for holding grinded coffee residue.

By reusing valuable raw material, we help reduce our CO2 footprint and minimize our waste disposal costs, putting approximately 60 tons of residual plastic to good use. The scale of our operations, combined with our sustainable initiatives, enable us to make a difference and leave a positive footprint.