ICS Instant

Our ICS range comprises a wide selection of hot drinks and related products, excellent in taste and flowability and carefully developed for use in coffee machines.



A cup of coffee that’s quick and easy to serve yet full of flavour. Our instant coffee is blended to perfection and specially developed for use in coffee machines and hot dispensers.
We have different instant coffee blends to suit every taste, ranging from mild to full-bodied blends. Decaffeinated coffee, Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certifed coffee is available on request.

Creamers & Toppings

Customise your favourite hot beverage with a delicious foamy topping. Perfect for creating a barista-style cappuccino or as an indulgent addition to hot chocolate.
Our creamers & toppings have excellent vending machine compatibility, offering the right dosage to create smooth and creamy microfoam.


Did you know hot chocolate is one of the most popular hot drinks? Our range of chocodrinks has something for everyone, from intense dark cocoa to a creamy milk chocolate cup. There’s enough choice to please all chocolate fans.


Who can resist the frothy delight of this Italian favourite? Our cappuccino combines a dark roast with creamy milk foam.
All our cappuccino blends are developed for coffee machine use, you can expect your cup to be frothing to perfection with each and every serve. Also available in various specialty flavours, including Hazelnut, Amaretto, Irish Whiskey, Vanilla and Crema Catalana.

Instant Tea

A cup of tea to be enjoyed straight away. Specially developed for machine preparation, our instant tea provides the perfect brew without the inconvenience of tea bags.
Our range offers black tea, lemon tea and peach tea. Would you like your tea in a different flavour? Please contact us and we will develop one for you.

Cold drinks

Cool down on hot days with our range of refreshing iced drinks. Enjoy your ice coffee with crushed ice or try a shake with added ice cubes.
Our frozen cappuccino mixes can be used in a granité machine, blender or coffee machine and are available in the flavours coffee and vanilla. Combine with milk for an even creamier taste.


We select, blend and roast our coffee using all of our senses. For each blend we choose beans that complement and enhance each other.
Whatever your preference, our coffee master has created a blend for every taste – ranging from a light to a very dark roast. Our coffee beans are suitable for espresso machines, bean-to-cup systems and coffee machines.