Private Label Instant products


Private label Instant products

In our mixing department we produce tailor-made recipes based on soluble ingredients such as: toppings, flavoured cappuccino’s, instant coffees and chocodrinks. The products are packed in different bag formats. Varying from 500 grams, 750 grams, 1kg to big-bags supplied to capsule filling companies. 

Our Quality Control Department audits the entire production process of instant products. From raw materials to food safety, shelf-life to packaging, everything is carefully checked to meet the necessary specifications. During packaging, we consistently undertake the necessary quality checks.

Our Research & Development team sources new ingredients and proactively creates new products to cater to the changing market trends. Our specialists know the parameters that influence in-cup quality and develop products with the right particle size, density and solubility. 

We supply a complete range of flavoured cappuccino’s, toppings, creamers, chocodrinks and coffees and plant-based alternatives.

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