Ingredients for capsules

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Serving all capsule formats

Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters is your supplier for ingredients of widely used capsule systems, such as Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto®, K-Cup® and Caffitaly®. We freshly roast the coffee, which you choose by type of bean, origin and taste profile. Immediately after roasting, the coffee is packed under a modified atmosphere and delivered to you in big bags so you get the best quality possible. The coffee is ready to grind and use for filling capsules. We also produce instant ingredients, like instant coffee, cocoa, milk powders, creamers, plant-based toppings and flavoured cappuccinos.

Quality and reliability

We develop soluble ingredients that perfectly fit into any type of single portion capsule. Perfect dissolvability, consistent bulk density, balanced flavour and taste are qualities we steer on in order to guarantee the most delicious drink out of every capsule. All of our products are subjected to extensive testing and quality control prior to delivery.

Our products

We supply ingredients for all types of hot beverages. Tailor-made recipes are also possible.

• Espresso
• Lungo
• Cappuccino
• Café au lait
• Latte Macchiato
• Café cortado
• Chocodrinks
• Plant-based Cappuccino
• Plant-based Chocodrink