The Brand Story

Pelican Rouge is a complete coffee concept that puts the ultimate experience and top quality first. Each Pelican Rouge blend is the result of creativity, craftsmanship, and attention.

Premium coffee range

Great taste and great people are the heart and soul of the brand. We are proud of our Belgium roots. A culture known for its refined taste. Our dedicated craftsmen have perfected an extensive coffee and product range to meet tastes all over the world. We make sure that each machine gets the best out of every bean.

1863: Josef van Leckwijk started roasting coffee

Our Heritage

Pelican Rouge’s history goes all the way back to the nineteenth-century, Belgium. In 1863, Joseph van Leckwyck and his sons started roasting coffee and were among the first to trade roasted coffee in Europe. He founded Pelican Rouge in Antwerp, Belgium. The brand name of the coffee roaster was called Roode Pelicaan which was later changed into Pelican Rouge.The company provided affordable high quality coffee for a new generation of coffee lovers.

Pelican Rouge coffee concept

With our professional marketing support we are able to offer you a wide range of Pelican Rouge branded point of sale items. Or we can get creative and provide bespoke dual branded POS for your sites. Our ambassadors can help you maximize your profits and increase sales with our Pelican Rouge branded coffee concept.

Professional support
Professional coffee capsules

Pelican Rouge Professional Coffee Capsules

Our coffee capsule and  machines are compact, simple to use and easy to look after, providing a great way to bring always-fresh coffee to any small office environment or hotel room. Each capsule has just the right amount of freshly ground coffee, so there’s no waste, and you’ll find a great range of choice.

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