Fairtrade Coffee Associations

Pelican Rouge sourced Fairtrade highest volumes of coffee in 2021/2022 from five cooperatives of farmers in Central and South America.


Cooperativa de Productores de Café la Encarnación Limitada in Honduras

The Cooperative has used the Fairtrade Premium to set up credit schemes for farmers to invest in sustainable farming. Thanks to the Fairtrade Premium, farmers are able to run workshops and trainings in biodiversity techniques and organic coffee. In terms of coffee infrastructure, they invested in a coffee drier to make their coffee processing from effective and plan to invest in the construction of an aqueduct to channel water to the coffee processing centre.

Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Alto Mayo in Peru

The Fairtrade Premium has been used to hire a technical local team to improve productivity and yield by providing field assistance and payment for analysis of soil samples. In addition, the cooperative invested in the delivery of organic fertilizers and the implementation of a local nursery to improve the current plantations and initiate a rejuvenation program.

UCA San Juan del Río Coco in Nicaragua

Fairtrade Premium funds are invested in promoting best agricultural practices, such as reseeding and crop renewal. To prevent erosion, growers of coffee in this cooperative are implementing a technique called "terraces", raising gradually their crops. This enables better water flow and natural irrigation. The cooperative has used part of the Fairtrade premium to award scholarships to the children of the partners and purchase laptops for the two schools of the area, benefiting more than 130 children.

Cooperativa Multifuncional de Productores de Café de San Juan del Rio Coco in Nicaragua

The Cooperative has invested the Fairtrade Premium in establishing a cleaner coffee production by implementing 30 ecological facilities that include filters and a water recycling system. A local production plant has been constructed to make biofertilizers and organic manure and distribute to organic farms. Additionally, 78 members of the cooperative came together and initiated a family garden to harvest diverse and fresh products for self-consumption to improve the standard diet.

Central de Cooperativas de Servicios Múltiples Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo de las Segovias in Nicaragua

The Premium of Fairtrade is invested in building an organic fertilizer plant for members to source low-cost inputs. Complementarily, these funds are also invested in training young adults of the producers’ family to become “promoters” who offer technical assistance and certification support with a small stipend. The coffee cooperative also provides scholarships to university and secondary school students who want to study coffee production, preparation, farming etc.