We at Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters are specialized in private label solutions. With our private label coffees you can distinguish yourself from the competition and create your own valuable story. We control the entire process from sourcing, roasting, blending, packaging and quality control. We are also specialists in developing and producing instant products like creamers, toppings, chocodrinks and cappuccinos.

Create your own coffee brand.


Choose Your Bean
Start by choosing the flavour you want. Arabica has a mild, aromatic taste,
whereas Robusta has a full-bodied earthy flavour, higher in antioxidants
and caffeine. Do you prefer single origin or a blend?


Choose Your Roast
With our state-of-the-art coffee roaster and our knowledge of the industry, we
provide 100% personalized blends that are exclusively roasted to meet
your personal taste preferences. Choose from light to dark roast.


Choose Your Other Products
Make your brand complete by choosing from our wide assortment of instant
products. Ranging from creamers, toppings, chocodrinks and instant teas.


Choose Your Design
We can offer any conventional packaging formats required in the
marketplace across all sectors: retail, wholesale, vending and HORECA.
Our packaging provides complete protection against external factors.


Get Started
You are ready to sell your story with your private label coffee!
We guarantee you customization, a multi-level approach, and above all:
great taste and quality for your signature coffee brand.

Would you like to know more about private label coffee? Please contact us.