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ICS stands for quality ingredients combined with years of knowledge about the hot beverage market since 1973.

Pelican Rouge Brand Story
Pelican Rouge Heritage collection coffee

Pelican Rouge is a complete coffee brand with quality coffee since 1863 and over 150 years of craftsmanship – excellence in every sip!

Private Label
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Our private label coffee and instant hot drink products are a great way to effectively position your signature hot drinks concept in the market.

Ingredients for capsules
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Pelican Rouge Coffee Roaster is your supplier for ingredients of most known capsule systems, like Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto®, K-Cup® and Caffitaly®.

Would you like to receive more information about Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters, private label possibilities, our ICS product range or about ingredients for capsules? Please contact us.

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Sourcing & cupping

Our team of specialists sources the freshest, highest-quality beans from Central & South America, Africa and Asia. Making the best cup of coffee begins with carefully selecting green beans. All beans that enter Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters are checked by our specialists on smell, moisture content bean size and taste.

Roasting & packing

Our master roaster then roast the delicate green beans at the point where craft and science converge. This requires a precise combination of temperature, time and air-flow to release the individual flavour characteristics.

Production of instant products

Since 1973 we have been tailor-making hot beverage solutions for the office coffee sector. Since 2012 we supply ingredients for single serve capsules. Our instant products are excellent in taste and flowability and ensure a consistent throughput – no matter which machine or brewing method.


Founded in 1973

• One stop shop for beverage ingredients OCS market
• We know local preferences

Coffee Roaster

  • We operate 2 roasters
  • We have over 100 coffee blends


  • We sell our products in 65 countries
  • We work with an extensive network of distributors

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