Make the next coffee moment a plant-based one

PLNT by Pelican Rouge quality vegan products with a caring touch

Consumers are more health-conscious than ever before. Give your staff and guests healthy options in your professional coffee machine. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Offer hot drink options that are as kind to animals and the planet as they are delicious. You don’t have to sacrifice taste to provide healthy drinks. Serve delicious, gluten-free hot drinks everyone will love.

Healthy options that taste great

•Vegan toppings for rich and creamy cappuccinos and latte macchiatos

•Products suitable for those with dairy allergies or lactose intolerance

Reduce your impact, not your pleasure

•Sustainable hot drink options that are better for the planet

•Cruelty-free products for coffee drinkers who love animals

•Green solutions that work in any professional coffee machine

•Superior flowability for maintenance-free usage

Fill your cup with the sustainable choice

There’s no need to sacrifice the little pleasures in life, just to take care of your health. Sometimes, small changes make a big difference. Pelican Rouge’s vegan PLNT line of coffee toppings, cappuccino and chocolate drinks are rich, creamy, delicious and healthy alternatives to dairy.

What’s more, these oat- and coconut-based products are better for the planet. After all, cow milk production emits 3 times more CO2 than oat milk. And dairy milk production requires 8 times the water and 7 times the land* of oat milk production. PLNT won’t just make conscientious coffee-lovers happy. It’ll make Mother Nature happy, too.

* Source: Poore & Nemecek (2018), Science

The perfect cup has gone vegan

‘For more than 150 years, Pelican Rouge has been blending and roasting coffee with passion and craftsmanship. Today, we offer the perfect cup with a vegan touch.’

2 toppings that satisfy the soul

Vegan OAT Topping (gluten-free)

  • Creamy foam topping with a coconut base
  • Distinctive, light oat flavour
  • Makes your coffee creamy without dairy
  • Masks the coffee bitters

Vegan Topping (gluten-free)

  • Creamy foam topping with a coconut base
  • Mild flavour and creamy, rich coffee
  • Masks the coffee bitters
  • Excellent flowability in professional machines
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