Pelican Rouge Professional Capsules

Your guests and staff deserve barista-quality coffee


Your guests deserve and expect high-quality coffee. From booking to checkout, every step of your guests’ journey counts.
Complete that journey with delicious, easy-to-make coffee.

An affordable concept that provides your guests with a five-star coffee experience.


High-quality coffee increases employee engagement and satisfaction. Give them plenty of cups of inspiration. Today’s employees expect great coffee at work. Ensure you offer a unique, social coffee experience.

Bright ideas and higher creativity start with flowing communication. Fuel employee interactions with barista-quality coffees. More than ever before, people are eager to interact at the office. Warm up the atmosphere with great coffee choices.

Great coffee doesn’t have to be hard work

  • Convenient and easy-to-use machines
  • High-quality espresso or lungo with just 1 click
  • Always-fresh coffee, even in low-traffic areas (<30 cups per day)
  • Stay-fresh capsules instead of stale loose beans
  • More economical than bean-to-cup coffee machines with grinders
  • Consistent, proven quality coffee since 1863

Offer a complete coffee experience

  • Professional capsules not compatible with home machines
  • Sugar, milk and stirrers
  • Pelican Rouge Porcelain coffee crockery
  • Paper cups and lids to go
  • Professional display stand for all our products



Intense dark-roasted coffee with
a bittersweet, dark chocolate flavour.

100% Arabica beans

Origins: South & Central America

Strength 8 out of 12


Subtle and sweet, medium-roasted
coffee with tropical fruit notes.

100% Arabica beans

Origins: South & Central America

Strength 4 out of 12


Medium-roasted beans with spicy
Robusta beans for an extra kick.

70% Arabica beans & 30% Robusta beans

Origins: South & Central America and Asia

Strength 9 out of 12


Powerful, dark-roasted coffee with
hints of milk chocolate.

100% Arabica beans

Origins: South & Central America

Strength 6 out of 12


Dark-roasted coffee with an
intense body and a caramel flavour

100% Arabica beans

Origins: South & Central America

Strength 5 out of 12