Our daily mission is to deliver great taste and great quality. That’s why we offer an extensive range of fresh and instant coffee, complemented by our creamers, toppings and chocolate mixes.


Our values and principles


Client focus
• We care about our clients; superior solutions are our standard.
• We act on client feedback.
• We are a sales-driven organization.

Winning attitude
• We consistently over-perform and are never satisfied with our results.
• We go the extra mile.
• We reward achievement and celebrate success.

Disciplined execution
• We deliver results in the Pelican Rouge way: standardized, efficient and measurable.
• We start moving and improve on the way.
• We control performance routinely.

• We build on trust and together we are accountable.
• We evaluate leaders based on their teams.
• We share experience and benefit from the expertise of others.

• We adhere to the highest level of ethical standards.
• We are honest, fair and respectful to all stakeholders.