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ICS stands for quality ingredients combined with years of knowledge about the hot beverage market since 1973.

Pelican Rouge Brand Story
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Pelican Rouge is a complete coffee brand with quality coffee since 1863 and over 150 years of craftsmanship – excellence in every sip!

Private Label
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Our private label coffee solutions are a great way to effectively position your signature coffee brand in the market.

Ingredients for capsules
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Pelican Rouge Coffee Roaster is your supplier for ingredients of most known capsule systems, like Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto®, K-Cup® and Caffitaly®.

Would you like to receive more information about Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters, private label possibilities, our ICS product range or about ingredients for capsules? Please contact us.


Founded in 1973

• One stop shop for beverage ingredients OCS market
• We know local preferences

Coffee Roaster

  • We operate 2 roasters
  • We have over 100 coffee blends


  • We sell our products in 65 countries
  • We work with an extensive network of distributors

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